Trauma Informed Yoga

What is TPYG?

TPYG is an evidence-based model created by Amy M. Battersby, MS, LMHC, CTSC, RYT in collaboration with Elizabeth Butler, E-RYT in 2013. TPYG has three levels and has shown to significantly reduce common symptoms and negative cognitions associated with trauma and bring transformational healing to participants.

TPYG is a 12 week psychoeducation and psychotherapy group to treat symptoms resulting from interpersonal trauma. This model incorporates guided meditation, education about mental health and services, group process (the behaviors of members of small, working groups) and yoga for a completely unique and effective healing experience.


TPYG: Five Ways to Heal a Brain

TPYG is focuses on five ways to heal a brain following interpersonal trauma:

  • Structure and routine
  • Kind, consistent, soothing words
  • Movement
  • Beneficial social connection
  • Creativity and expression

About Trauma Processing Yoga Group at CVC

  • 12 sessions per level
  • Each session provides a topic that builds on the one prior
  • The group provides a consistent structure; meditation and movement take place each week!


To learn more about Trauma Processing Yoga Groups at the Crime Victim Center, call 814-455-9414