victim compensation

Victim Compensation

Victim compensation refers to payment or reparations made to a crime victim. Victims of violent crime may suffer financial stress that is as devastating as their physical injuries and emotional trauma.

Working as a monetary restitution by governmental entities to people injured by violent personal crimes, the compensation amount comes from the collection of fines and fees assessed in court cases.

CVC can help determine eligibility and assist filing a claim.

Terms of Eligibility

  • The crime occurred in Pennsylvania
  • The crime was reported to the police within 72 hours unless just cause is proven
  • The victim cooperated with law enforcement and the courts
  • The claim was filed within two years after the crime occurred
  • The victim was not engaged in illegal activity
  • Minimum loss requirements are met

Minimum Loss Requirements:

  • If under age 60-a minimum of $100 total qualifying out-of-pocket expenses including lost wages
  • If over age 60-no minimum out-of-pocket loss required

Since 1987, CVC has helped victims claim more than $3.4 million dollars in compensation. Call us today for assistance in filing your claim–814-455-9515.