individual & group counseling

Individual Counseling

FREE and CONFIDENTIAL counseling is available regardless of when the crime occurred or whether it was reported to law enforcement. Services are for children, adults, males and females. This includes children who have been abused or who have witnessed the abuse of others.

Supportive counselors reinforce the benefits of crisis intervention by providing victims and significant others with emotional support, helping them understand their feelings and allowing the victim to share specific fears and anxieties associated with the crime.

individual & group counselingCounselors can help victims in a variety of ways, including:

  • Developing appropriate coping skills
  • Providing a support system
  • Directing victims to other services they may need
  • Educating victims about the dynamics of violence
  • Helping to reduce the traumatic effects of the crime

Schedule an Appointment:

To schedule an appointment with a sexual assault counselor for you or your child, call: 814-455-9414

To schedule an appointment with a violent crime counselor for you or you child, call: 814-455-9515

If you are out of the calling area, you can reach someone from either program toll free: 800-352-7273