*Sexual Assault: Understand the Issue*

This program provides information to college students about the following topics:

  • Myths and facts about sexual assault
  • Different types of assault including acquaintance and date rape
  • Date rape drugs, their effects, and how they’re administered
  • How to respond to a disclosure of sexual assault
  • Personal safety and prevention tips


*RA/RD Training*


To prepare RAs and RDs for the unique setting of college dorms, this presentation works to dispel myths and misconceptions about sexual assault and domestic violence.  RAs and RDs are given tips for handling the different types of assaults and situations they may encounter. 


*Sexual Assault and Alcohol*

Because over 70% of college sexual assaults involve alcohol, this program helps students examine the role alcohol can play in a sexual assault.

The program utilizes a PowerPoint presentation as well as role play.